The current desktop search results page leverages more than three thousand Direct Displays (DDs) to accommodate diverse queries.  I was responsible for creating DDs for tablet device.  The primary goal of DD design was to provide the consistent design languages and cohesive search experience across platforms even under different verticals while giving the most useful and relevant answers to the users.   I translated the most frequently used, high priority DDs from desktop to tablet as well as created designs highly flexible, scalable and responsive across various form factors.  


Finance Direct Display: Example of 'YHOO' query for both landscape and portrait view on search result page.

finance dd finance dd

direct displays

Movie Direct Display: Landscape view of 'In Time' movie query with variations - Dark and light background.

movie movie

Movie Direct Display in moible form factor: In small screen like phone, two column merge into one column layout while keeping the design languages consistent. This demonstrates how modular system of DDs translated into bigger or smaller screens smoothly.