Salesforce Mobile Analytics (Wave Analytics) is designed to make it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from a mobile device. One can also easily share dashboards and collaborate with teams via Salesforce Chatter (our social network for business).
Creating delight was a primary goal. Our audience and their use cases took center stage in our design process. Unique to our user experience, demonstrating our key principle of democratizing data, are the in-app sample data sets that allow anyone to explore data. Since launching in Oct 2014, our app received 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store, as of Sep 2017.


Wave Mobile Analytics in diverse devices

Dreamforce 14 Opening Keynote: It was incredibly exciting, satisfying and overwhelming moment to witness the launch of Analytics Cloud at Dreamforce 14. Audiences’ excitements and energy were high as well as customers and partners were sharing their impressions over the social media.

Marc Opening Keynote

Twitter Excitements

Challenges & Opportunities: Traditional BI and analytics tools are typically designed for analysts and data scientists. Therefore they are not easily accessible to business end-users and when it’s on their hands it already becomes outdated and not relevant anymore. Furthermore, most times, it’s delivered incomplete and in static formats like powerpoint or spreadsheets like excel.

We wanted to break this fundamental premise and perception of the traditional analytics tool, by delivering easily accessible anytime, any places on the go, through highly interactive dashboard users can answer any business questions, as well as no need to prepare for report and the presentation.

Challenges and Opportunities

Use Cases & Personas: Three main fictional characters we created are Madison, Renee, and Gordon. They help us to understand our primary target users and their use cases.

As a sales rep, her primary goals are exceeding the quota and moving deals forward. Also nurturing accounts and identifying new opportunities.

As a sales manager, she wants to see the overall big picture such as team performance, industry trend, and business health. She not only tracks her quota, discovers who might need some coach, but also is always ready to present in the executive meetings from her mobile device.

As a executive, he needs to see high level view - how each region, or product is performing and run the business from the dashboards.

Wave Mobile Personas

end to end flow

Design Principles: 4 design principles guided the creation of the app and helped us to make a smarter decision on designs throughout the process.


Phone first: Our design philosophy is to start with the most restrictive form factor first. This way, design meets the most number of constraints and scaling that experience to larger form factors is not only easier but also more natural. This also fits with our company vision of enabling you to ‘run your business from your phone’.

analytics tablet

Coherence: The mobile space is increasingly fragmented, as the market expands. Android used to be the platform with multiple sized devices but in recent years iOS has started to introduce several, different-sized mobile and tablet devices. A harmonious experience across the many devices is essential to maintaining ease of use. We hope when our users pick up a device they’re focused on their goals with the app instead of the form factor.


Simplicity: The challenge was creating analytics for the rest of us - those of us who aren’t data scientists or statisticians. Analytics provides the power of information but rarely is it accessible. We wanted to change that fundamental expectation, that data are difficult, by offering an experience that’s simple yet powerful. By focusing on the primary action, users don't feel overwhelmed by others. Only shows when users wants.


Special Thanks to: Beril Guvendik Maples, Jason Winters, Mrudula Kodali, Mark Geyer, Eli Brumbaugh, Edward Mengel, Qingqing Liu, Jean Bovet & Behzad Richey

Awards: iF Design Award 2016, HOW International Design Awards 2015, Red Dot Award 2015, The Webby Awards 2015, American Web Design Awards (GD USA) 2015, US App & Mobile Design Awards 2014

Patents: US20170097956A1, US20170097742A1, D786276, D786896, D786277, US20170070557 A1, USD784397S1, USD783031S1, US 20160104305 A1, US 20160103581 A1

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