Space-Time Transference
Ubiquitous Moving Images/Proposal for a site-specific experience which exploits location-based media

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We are connecting and becoming closer to other parts of the world through the use of a diverse array of media. People carry their cellphones every day at every moment as if it is a part of themselves. In our age, we can connect with others on the opposite ends of the globe whenever we wish. Television shows us the issues from other countries. Google Earth and WorldWide Telescope allow us to explore wherever we want go, even if it's not within our own planet!

This project is exploring the world using an infrastructure of the city. This allows people to have a unique media experience via an existing infrastructure. How this experience is different compared to watching a television or a web cam? What kind of story develops from media flow in the city and what is the value of a civic level of experience? How does 'watching something' in real-time, change your perception or the effect of co-presence? Also, how will this influence the every-man's imagination and creativity?

Project detail
There are a total of ten convoys attached with cameras, moving around the globe (according to the concept of twinning). Convoys no.1-5 move on land. Convoys no.6-10, flow across the sky. Multiple camera angles enable viewers in the city to see various perspectives of the same location.      

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Below image illustrates the concept of twinning how, when and where convoys keep moving around the world throughout the entire year.

While the convoys are moving together within a certain threshold, they are capturing their surroundings and feeding the stories to Pasadena displays.

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Buildings are superimposed with huge display billboards which are showing moving images from convoys. Also, moving images from each convoy spreads out to billboards of the each intersection of the Pasadena area.

The intriguing transformation happens when they (images of twinning places) are overlaid on the multiple billboards. Even though the physical space of Pasadena area is fixed depending on the distance between convoys, the physical space is continuously rearranged into the virtual space which is laying out on the billboards differently. In addition, projected images with multiple perspectives of camera make viewers experience the same place totally different.

How could/would we define - Billboard vs Cell Phone, Public vs Private, Large Screen vs Small Screen?

3 Dimensional perspective 1

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3 Dimensional perspective 2

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Controlling convoys with Phone
What if viewers can control floating convoys with their cellphones?
What if viewers can choose the next destination or route for the convoys?