Food Crisis 'How much corn would I need?'
Data Visualization and Information Structure/Website/2008

In this project, I read the book titled ‘The omnivore’s Dilemma’ which is about food crisis. And then I narrowed it down more detail topics, which are GM Food (genetically modified food), Corn, economy and HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup). Among them, I was especially interested in the corn because it is used such a various ways such as food, bio-fuel, syrup etc. Also, it was affected to other industries tremendously like food import, export price or fuel industry. I was also interested in cause and effect of each element.

While I was going through data, a lot of questions popped up in my brain, which were;
-How much corn we are producing a year and how many ways they are used?
-What is the process about making corn syrup?
-How much gallon of ethanol can we get from certain pound of corn?
-Is it efficient to use an ethanol instead of gasoline?
-And how long can I drive with that ethanol?
-How much calories can we from the corn syrup?

First, I organized and analyzed all the data and tried to find the relationships within each category such as fuel, calories, corn, process etc. Next, I came up with a formula and made a connections between each questions based on the information which I calculated earlier with data. And at last, I visualized graphically all the data which I have using the web.

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