Driving on Corn
Data Visualization and Information in Space/Exhibition/2008

“How much corn do we need to grow to drive a certain distance?”
This exhibition aimed to visualize relationships of data between area and distance in physical space. I focused on ethanol as a biofuel. Corn is one of the main crops that produces ethanol. Gasoline is slowly being replaced by ethanol. However, we can cast the question like Is it efficient to use ethanol instead of gasoline? The truth is using ethanol as a biofuel is not as efficient as we expect. Actually, it costs more energy and more money to produce the same gallon of ethanol and galsoline. In addition, corn is not only used for fuel but also it is fed to animals and used to the other product as a syrup.

As a continuaton of the exact position and content of my interactive piece, I amplify the idea of space and distance. In my interactive piece, I have compared four elements which are the amount of corn starch, the gallon of ethanol, the amount of area, and the calrories from HFCS. In physical space, I emphasized the distance(miles) from pasadeana to four different areas around school and area(ft2) which means how much space corn field we need to get each space. I drew the actual size of the square size to get the sense of real space and made arrows according to geographic direction.

Art Center ---> DownTown LA (12.52miles), 83ft2 = 11ftx7.5ft

Art Center ---> Disneyland (37.40 miles), 255ft2 = 13ftx19.5ft

Art Center ---> CalARTS (31.66 miles), 215ft2 = 10ftx3.1ft

Art Center ---> LAX (29.70 miles), 209ft2 = 11ftx19ft