Blowing Notes!
Physical Interaction/2008
Awarded - iDMAa Award for "Innovation"(2009), Incheon International Digital Art Festival(INDAF), Korea(2008), Output 12 Competition Students Choice
Exhibition - Incheon International Digital Art Festival(INDAF), Korea(2008)

I had a simple question what if I have a superpower that I could control everything just with an easy way like blinking or blowing. For example, when I blow toward building, it is broken into pieces or if I blow toward the person I hate, he flies away like in the sci-fi movie.

Couple of questions are:
- How can I make the blowing toward something to affect an object?
- How can I connect the physical behavior to the digital screen?

Physical and functional description

I used post-notes as an object to convey my superpower and in order to make people blow over the bent sensor more strong I overlapped the text at the end of the each movie clip (which is about visibility VS invisibility and inside VS outside surface) looking for real meaning. When we blow over something, its surface or skin is taken away and the inside of it appears which I think is the truth. So when you took away post-its from the wall you can see the white pure wall. Visibility/invisibility, outside/inside, physical/digital were the material for my conceptual development.

When your breathe, press post-note of the bend-sensor, it triggers the movie clip on the screen. I used three movie clips and each of them starts with the post-note wall. On the half of the movie clip post note flies away, and the last of the movie text appear. Each movie plays in order. The Make Controller is placed in the transparent acrylic box on the podium and a small hole of the acrylic box holds the sensor.