How to search Media by leveraging Aleatoric Technique
Aleatoric Film Search/2009

Aleatoric Film Search suggests people who want to see movie a new way of looking for films. Generally, we used to search a movie by the title of movie or name of the director or actors. However, instead of typing with the TEXT, this Aleatoric method allows users an unique and interesting way of choosing film what they want to watch. Each scene from each step derives from the concept of Mise-en-scène (visual elements of the scene). Each scene plays a role like a short preview or teaser of the entire movie.

is the creation of art by chance, embracing the principle of randomness, like the rolling of dice. with the idea of aleatoricism people allow to create their own work.

Mise-en-scène is all of the visual elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed: the mood of scene, settings and props, lighting, costumes and makeup, and figure behavior.

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