101 Pieces
Photograph 1200x900mm/Information structure 1200x900mm/Sculpture 900x100x120/Poster 700x1010mm/2006

101 Pieces represents the fragments of memories of the house where I lived for 27 years. Sadly it’s demolished now but I had spent in that house my youth and adulthood.

The project began with piecing together the pictures of the four walls. The house was divided into four conceptual spaces, including the first floor, second floor, the stairs connecting the two floors, and my house which is the view from outside. I incorporated the concept of time in this space as one of the equations, expressing it in the form of collage. The same space can be perceived and interpreted differently depending on the time.

The project is enriched with snapshots of all imagery, collected during the 27 years of my life in that two-dimensional space. Finally, 101 Pieces is recreated in three-dimensional form with traces of human activity in the time flow, from down up.