Paper Presentation
The Everyday Story of Imaginative Time & Space

Presentation with Austin S. Lee/2011
Critical Information: Mapping the Intersection of Art and Technology at SVA

The “Time Space Story” project is an ongoing, collaborative research project that explores new pathways for creating a speculative playground for the alternative future (presents). Projects are focused specifically on learning how people conceive time, space and the inscription of movements in a future of digitally-enabled environments. This project includes experimentation using data visualizations, data interpretation, multiple sensors and streaming media. (Fig. 1) It also involves applying computation in artistic contexts to create environmental settings for new modes of communication. Lastly, our investigation consists of developing our ideas further by conducting a design research workshop and learning from an interdisciplinary group of people. The goal of the workshop was to provoke intriguing discussions through a hands-on design exercise based on our investigation.

This paper is composed of three main parts. First, we discuss the new meaning of spatial relations in contemporary culture. This section illustrates a case study that applies an architectural environment as a platform for distributed media. Next, we introduce a body of work related to time and space at the intersection of the digitized networking environment and the tangible world. Finally, we discuss how we demonstrated our ideas through a workshop format that shared methods of using prototypes and reflected on the outputs of the participants related to our given research questions.