TheSameDream, 2008
Related project'The Same Dream, 2005'
Screen-based Interaction/Website Design for Social Network/Information Architecture/Story telling/2008

How can we share & bridge the ideas of
the real world VS the dream world
the subconscious mind VS the conscious mind?

Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious -Sigmund Freud

A boy, who wants to become a superman, dreams of flying in the sky every night; and, a girl, who’s hopelessly in love, follows her sweetheart, forgetting the real and conscious. A man, who’s crazed by an on-line game, confuses the real world and the cyber world. People always express their desires in various ways, to reach out and own their dreams, even if they’re unattainable, even if it’s an impossible task.

Destroy a boundary line
Connect to the other world

In Design Research class, we had design interventions such as a text wall, a table project, the third object, and so on. Both families expressed their personalities freely and described to us plausible characteristics, in spite of their doubts. In the case of the text wall, they endowed the personality into the wall as a real person. Moreover, in the case of the table project, they helped us to realize a unique differentiation between a public space and private space, which could be achieved through different camera angles. Gradations and characteristics of the cyber space and the public space were defined and delineated. Those design interventions allowed us to figure out relationships between two opposite worlds.

Sharing our unconscious dreams, and the cyber world merge into one

In the movie called ‘The Science of Dream’ directed by Michel Gondry, Stéphane has a hard time to distinguish dream and reality. Because, to him, there is no strict line between two, they are combined into one world. This is what I am thinking interesting. This is the subject what I want to explore in my study. My personal experiences can be yours and your dreams can be my dreams.

Mapping UI components in a meta scenario

Share dreams, Connect dreams, Connect people

We dream every night. Some of them, we can remember, but most of them we cannot remember clearly. So far we have just ignored our dreams and do not consider dreams as important as our real lives. However, the certain thing is that there are people somewhere in the world who dream the same type of dream which comes from a huge pool of images of dreams. This is a starting point of this social community website. People can share their dream images. The purpose and goal of this web site is to find dreamers, to make dream worlds, and then connect and create a community between the people who dream the same dream. In addition, this website allows people to observe their history of dreams.

- Requirements for UI
Identify users geographic area in the world.(go deeper and deeper find your place)
Define about user dream theme.(Noun - subject of dreams, Adjective - feelings, emoitons, atmosphere in the dreams)
Upload users dream story(text, image, sound, and video).
Connect the dream between people and theme with the lines.
Create or be a member of a planet(community)

- Application features, media types and actions
media types - icon, text, image, video, interactive
Action - post, delete, save, edit, send, tag, comment, search

Design studies on the interface of website
Structure follows the contents - This is the maxim Ive found while I was building and designing the Information Architects for social network.
How can I contain all informaiton without making buttons, popping up windows, or changing screens?

First, I created two spaces. Red represents a geographic space, which is divided into six continents such as Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania. And Blue is a dream space, which is divided into different subjects of dreams.
Inside the movie clip, there is an example:
Let’s take August/10/2008 - Mr. Hotdog dream which is a flying dream.
in there, You can see who dreamed the same dream on different continents. and then The lines connect to the subjects of dreams.
If you rotate the circle 90 degrees, you can see the history of individual dreamers.
and you can also see connecting lines between different time periods and different people, who dream the same dreams.