Design Workshop 2
The Everyday Story of Imaginative Time & Space

Workshop with Austin S. Lee/2010

My colleague and I were selected to conduct a workshop in the field of design research at the 2010 Swiss Design Network Conference in Basel, Switzerland. The proposal, "The Everyday Story of Imaginative Time and Space" focused on finding new ways to see a future, the future where the pervasive networking technology enables every object, different cities, countries and even human minds to be connected in multiple ways in diverse channels without limitations of time and space.

The goal was to learn ways of looking at daily life experiences in digitally enabled environments through technology and designerly thinking. The workshop covered the contexts of “Future & Fiction” by introducing design research as a body of work based on fictional time and space. Given the presentation on idiosyncratic perception about time and space of the networked media, participants created compelling visions of an embedded digital world through active discussions and visual narratives.